1% Fat Free Chicken Breast - 500 grams - easymeat

1% Fat Free Chicken Breast - 500 grams

Rs. 230

No lean protein has a more respected reputation than the chicken breast. Specifically boneless, skinless chicken breasts have consistently been at the top of the list of lean proteins to eat for fat loss.In addition to being a fat burning powerhouse, chicken breasts provide a wealth of health benefits to help you maintain good health.

We deliver cleanly cut, boneless chicken breasts for you to cook to perfection. We manually remove all the fat before delivering this fresh piece to you. The breast is cut into medium sized pieces.

           A chicken breast half provides you with more than 50%of your daily value of protein, which is what makes chicken breast such an amazing fat burning food.


Totally fresh. Much better than the butcher shop meat
Sanjeev D.
A true delicacy, no less. Loved it, and your very professional service. Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen.