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Silver Pomfret - 1 kg

Rs. 1,350

Also known as Paplet, is a seawater fish consisting of a single bone. It is considered as one of the finest fishes for its distinct flavour and taste.

It contains relatively high nutritional value as compared to other fishes.

Raw silver pomfret is said to be hard to come by and hence this variety is sold at prices that most people would agree to be unaffordable.

It is sited to be used in traditional Chinese medicinal due to the fact that it promotes healthy skin along with digestive health benefits. It may be considered good for your skin for its high vitamin A, vitamin B3, and vitamin E content; which give you what you need to fight off wrinkles, skin redness, and maintain moisture in your skin.

Taste: Sweet

Freshness Indicators: Intact & transparent eyes, firm texture, red gills, white water & bright colour.

Eat Fresh Within: 3 days( Please Refrigerate ) 

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