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Mutton Mixed Pieces - 500 grams

Rs. 340

This meat offers delicious flavor and has an amazing nutritional profile. It is high in protein, selenium, zinc and iron. The speciality of this meat is that it has all 8 amino acids . This meat aids muscle generation and the production of red blood cells, avoiding "anemia".

In moderation, mutton can be a beneficial component in an overall healthy diet.

We deliver fresh and tasty mutton !

Available in sheep or goat.




  • Mutton Roast
  • Kerala style mutton pepper fry
  • Mutton Biryani


Freshness Indicators : Reddish tinge and moist

 Eat Fresh Within: 1 week (Please Refrigerate)

Ujwal D.
This is the fourth time that I ordered meat from EasyMeat. Each time the quality was excellent. The meat is tender with good meaty pieces and less bones. I would certainly meet all my meat, chicken and fish requirement from EasyMeat henceforth.
Ujwal D.
This is the second time that I had ordered mutton from EasyMeat. Both times it was the better than any meat that I had purchased in Pune during the past twenty five years of my stay here.
Ujwal D.
Great the rogan josh prepared by my daughter was as good as the high quality of meat supplied by Easyeat
Kiran S.
Excellent stuff.