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In a world where hygiene is primary, ease a necessity and customization a privilege, the 100 year old business of sourcing fresh meat in the local markets abides by none. Where the local markets have failed to adapt to the necessities of the current world, is founded on the basis of the needs of the people. Where handling of raw meat in unhygienic conditions is responsible for outbreaks of a number of diseases such as mercury poisoning, food poisoning, extreme cases of vomiting and nausea and even botulism, procuring meat from local markets these days has become extremely dangerous. With the absence of any kind of monitoring on the hygiene in these markets, responsibility comes rarely.

Today, understands the need of procuring fresh, hygienic meat with ease. Allowing all the clients to customize their cuts, marinations and delivering the meat at the doorstep, is completely customer driven. Having said that, also finds it necessary that all their clients know how the meat comes to them.

  • Once you Log onto website or Call 9595225522
  • You are allowed pick your choice of meat from our large array of options and select your choice of cut
  • You may then add any other type of customization you desire from our wide array of options and be sure to confirm your order
  • Only after you confirm your order on will our procurement team now procure within 15-20 minutes the meat of your choice which is then brought into the warehouse.
  • The meat is cleaned under extremely hygienic conditions and packaged within 15 minutes
  • The meat then undergoes an intensive quality check by the quality control team
  • When the packaged meat has met the set standards of and is completely customized according to the customer’s requirement, it is Okayed.
  • The meat then leaves the warehouse in ice boxes and is brought to your doorstep.

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