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Today, we exist in a world where people are distancing themselves from each other physically and embracing each other virtually. Food is a universal common denominator that is capable of bringing people together. It is the nourishment of both the body and soul, and that truly is love. Accurately expressed by Norman Kolpas, “Food is like a loving touch, or glimpse of divine power has that ability to comfort.”

We live in a world where a simple home cooked meal is as exquisite as that buffet spread at a 5-star hotel. It has the feel and sense of comfort that gives us a feeling of belonging. In a world that we live in today, we thrive on only that sense of comfort that we feel at home after turning our backs to the world outside. Unfortunately, we live in the same world where the race against time cannot be victorious. Where time is ticking so fast, that buying the simple ingredients to cook your comfort food is impossible. It is the same world where time is money and health is wealth, quite literally.

Working as an investment banker at Ernst & Young in Mumbai had left me wondering what I was doing sitting behind that desk all day. It felt like I was on a journey millions were on to a destination that harboured nothing but the mediocre. My days lasted for as long as 14 hours and I couldn’t even come back home to some home cooked food. Being a Punjabi and a fitness enthusiast, the term “meat lover” is quite apt for a person like me. But back then, even thinking about going to the market, buying the meat, coming home and cooking it seemed like an impossible task. Even the most basic human need, food, was something i struggled with daily.

About the same time, Karan Singh, my brother (also CEO and co-founder of was more than just fed up with the corporate life he was leading. More than that, he was fed up with the lack of ease in buying fresh meat. A foodie and a fitness enthusiast, Karan knew the rewards of eating right. He saw that foods ranging from the basic salt to the exotic rosemary were available online but FRESH meat was just so rare. On an occasion when he did end up going to the market to buy meat, the unorderly, unhygienic and unorganized condition of the market disgusted him. The time that was wasted in travelling, getting the meat cut in a particular fashion and packaging it was another ball game altogether. This gap in the world driven by technology and existing on ease was what gave root to the idea of

Always a man of zeal and enthusiasm, Karan dreamed of someday building his own business. He wanted to establish a customer driven, easy-to-buy, fresh meat, one stop virtual destination for the meat eaters. When Karan expressed his idea to me, I was on board immediately. From a life behind the desk in a cushy air conditioned office, I found myself roving from one meat market to another. Karan and I carried out an exhaustive research, figuring out the gaps, devising methods of bridging them, studying surveys, analysing data and finally concluding what the hyperlocal crowd wants. was not an “easy” journey to embark on. Like any other start-up we went from one investor to another, each day living on the hope that if one door closes another one will open up. The company was completely conceptualized, however without an investor it was not ready to hit the market. Just when our hopes had started dwindling, an angel investor came into our lives and made a reality. He realized that the small things in life make the bigger picture. A meat selling company was not how he looked at it, but gave it perspective and branded it as a venture that promoted healthy living, food and ease. He believed that had the capacity to revolutionise the way people buy meat. hit the Pune market and spread like fire, only to fall upon the ears of Shiva Sharan (now CMO, Shiva often jokes about how a sales person can’t sell anything, if he can’t sell fresh meat in India. A marketing & sales whiz, an ardent meat-eater, Shiva knocked on our doors with a proposal for partnership and the same entrepreneurial hunger as Karan and I. It didn’t take us too long to bring him into the fold, and we grew from strength to strength to become a core team of ten employees, each with an underlying expertise. is not just a company, it is the vision of three individuals who want to revolutionize the food e-commerce industry. Hungry for growth, development and 100% customer focus, is driven with a spirit cultivated for excellence. is here to deliver to you, only the best.

Need fresh, hygienic, good looking meat in under 2 hours at your doorstep? You know where to find us! Let’s get the meat flowing

-Vijeta Singh, COO and Co-founder,

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