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How to save 50% on monthly meat expenses

Meat has become an integral part of the Indian diet. In this fast paced city life, it is the best source of much required proteins and other important nutrients to help you go through the day. Apart from the health benefits - IT'S DELICIOUS!! Meat based dishes are celebrated in India as it gives an occasion for the entire family to sit together for dinner and enjoy a hearty meal! Even the television has been captured by new & exciting, meat heavy, International cooking shows - forcing us to try cooking exotic meats and test our skills in the kitchen. As a result of this, the monthly expense on meat for homemakers have gone up (Rs.7000 monthly, for a family...

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You order – We butcher – Fresh clean and healthy meat delivered by EasyMeat.in

In a world where hygiene is primary, ease a necessity and customization a privilege, the 100 year old business of sourcing fresh meat in the local markets abides by none. Where the local markets have failed to adapt to the necessities of the current world, EasyMeat.in is founded on the basis of the needs of the people. Where handling of raw meat in unhygienic conditions is responsible for outbreaks of a number of diseases such as mercury poisoning, food poisoning, extreme cases of vomiting and nausea and even botulism, procuring meat from local markets these days has become extremely dangerous. With the absence of any kind of monitoring on the hygiene in these markets, responsibility comes rarely. Today, EasyMeat.in understands...

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Meat us

Today, we exist in a world where people are distancing themselves from each other physically and embracing each other virtually. Food is a universal common denominator that is capable of bringing people together. It is the nourishment of both the body and soul, and that truly is love. Accurately expressed by Norman Kolpas, “Food is like a loving touch, or glimpse of divine power has that ability to comfort.” We live in a world where a simple home cooked meal is as exquisite as that buffet spread at a 5-star hotel. It has the feel and sense of comfort that gives us a feeling of belonging. In a world that we live in today, we thrive on only that sense...

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