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Chicken is one of the most versatile meat and features in abundance in almost every possible cuisine! With chicken becoming a staple for around 60% of Indians in their normal diet, It is important to make sure we are buying fresh & healthy chicken. Since we have move past the days where we would raise hens in the backyard, here are a few tips to sharpen your chicken buying skills.


Check the Skin

When buying live chicken and getting it cut in front of a butcher, check its skin for blemishes and behind the wings for signs of green. Regardless to say, pick another chicken if you find any of these signs

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Check the color of meat

 Once the chicken is cut, check the color of meat. Fresh chicken is pink and not gray or translucent. Make sure you also check the crevices – under the wings and thighs.

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Avoid bloody chicken

Cut chicken with blood in it increases the risk of bacterial contamination. It also indicates that the meat has been frozen and thawed multiple times.

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Texture of the meat 

Fresh chicken has soft skin which springs back. If your chicken is too stiff or your finger sinks into the meat, IT’S NOT FRESH! 

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Smell of the meat

Fresh chicken has no smell, as simple as that. If there is a faint odour, put it under running water and check again.

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Check out this video from Chris Godfrey on how to check if your chicken is fresh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ_SfQn6QI8

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